You don’t look stressed enough!

Our generation is facing a huge battle with the pandemic of stress and the mental torture we inflict on ourselves.

A massively damaging belief that’s become common in most workplaces: The more stressed you are, the more hardworking, and dedicated you must be.

Stress has become so normal, so acceptable in our daily lives that most of us don’t think twice about it. Of course we’re stressed out on a daily basis — but who isn’t?

Simply being busy is no longer enough. I don’t know exactly where this outdated concept came from that being more stressed equals to being a better, more hardworking employee … but I know for a fact that it’s doing far more damage than good.

We, as a culture are promoting so many unhealthy beliefs and behaviours. When people are constantly stressed, they often experience …


  • persistent fatigue to heart disease;
  • the feeling like you’re not  good enough;
  • anxiety- feeling like the weight of the world is on your shoulders;
  • hard to trust and connect with other people;
  • Lack of preparation.
  •  Feeling of guilt .


As we celebrate stress, it’s taking a toll on our health, our happiness, and our relationships.

Many of us would like to believe that acting more stressed means being a better employee.

I know for sure that the more harmony you bring into your day, the better you will feel and the better you will perform. This is what I choose to believe, contrary to the popular notion I mentioned up there.

The more compassionate and attentive we are to our own needs and priorities, the better employees, leaders and friends we become.

If you too believe when I say that there is no fun in celebrating stress, then you can try this:

  • Every day do something that brings you peace. For me, it’s listing to music while I bust some  moves(I dance like no one’s watching).
  • Set limits around your working time … and then implement them.
  • Stop using the word “Stressed,” or “Busy.” Decide to say a new, more positive story about your life to others.
  • Stop pleasing others- say No whenever possible.

This takes courage!

But when you decide to stand up for your health, happiness, and sanity … you become a leader by example, and you’ll give other people permission to do the same. That’s how change begins.

And, it’s about time for a huge change!


Published by Aditi Sharma