Bill Cosby and the allegations against him have been in the news the past couple months. Recently, Cosby stated he would be too blind to identify any accusers in a court room. These accusers are women stating Cosby sexually assaulted them. And Cosby is making excuses. This court case has been reeling on for months. That means the women with the allegations against Cosby have been dealing with possibly relieving horrific moments in their lives over and over. But when it comes to allegations against celebrities, they never seem to be taken seriously. Mike Tyson has been convicted of rape, but that did not seem to stop his appearing in movies and cartoon shows. Rick James was arrested for torturing and sexually abusing a woman for three days straight, only to be made a sketch comedy character by Dave Chappelle. There is a long list of celebrities who have gone to trial for sexual assault and abuse. All with one thing in common: they are still considered untouchable. The worse part os what this does to future victims. When someone is not accountable for their actions, it means what they did does not matter. If someone is sexually assaulted or abused, why would they report it if their assaulter is never held accountable. Why would they report it when their accuser gets to walk away like nothing happened, and the victim gets to live with it the rest of their lives.

Published by Chelsea Hinkofer