Alright, vent session begins NOW! 
Why are celebrities involved in politics? They are WEALTHY as all get out, they have WHATEVER they want, but they are BULLIES! You, celebrities, are shoving your liberal "knowledge" down the throats of everyone and bashing your own President! Here's the thing, from a middle class, working American who 100% supports Donald Trump as our AMERICAN PRESIDENT, if you don't like your President because you "lost" get the heck out of America.  You support a woman who is corrupt, but you cannot except the fact that a Republican is in office, a businessman for that matter.  Coming from a working American, it is tough on all of us, the past 8 years have been horrible. We can't afford insurance prices, make too much for ObamaCare, but refuse to be on unemployment to get these health benefits, so we have to work, and pay a ton of money for healthcare so we live on a paycheck to paycheck basis with barely any money left at the end of the month.  So, YES we voted for someone who is willing to make changes, to help us in the lower classes, to help us struggling individuals and families.  Someone who is going to bring us the much needed jobs. So who are you to say that YOU know what Americans need? You can afford your medical bills, million dollar homes and name brand everything. You need to butt out of Politics, the American people, not the wealthy few, deserve to have their voices heard. Not seeing headlines of Hollywood boycotting our president, Madonna making a terror threat to burn down the White House, but does she get arrested? No. Because she's freaking famous. 
Thanks to the age of social media it all gets amplified too, so individuals begin believing their favorite celeb and acting up because of it. It is absurd, the past 8 years America has been mocked by other countries because we are childish, ignorant, and following what celebrities say rather than forming our own opinions. 

Published by Domenique Everett