NBA player Metta World Peace and “Cosby Show” actress Keshia Knight Pulliam have two things in common. They both entered the “Celebrity Big Brother” (also see South African celebrity news for Big Brother Mzansi) house in the hopes of winning the $250,000 grand prize, and they both subsequently quit the game. Metta (who missed his family) and Keshia (whose breastmilk was drying up) begged their fellow players to evict them, and so the house sent them off with unanimous votes. No one is judging Metta and Keshia’s personal decisions to return home, as “Big Brother” is no doubt a difficult and lonely experience. But by quitting, they’re ruining the spirit of the game.

Imagine being UFC figher Chuck Liddell or “American Pie” actress Shannon Elizabeth — the only two houseguests to be rightfully evicted so far this season — sitting at home and watching as their former players throw in the towel. It must be eating away at them, as they would have done anything to stay just another week in the infamous reality TV house. Because of Metta and Keshia the entire “Celebrity Big Brother” game has been negatively affected, as two separate Head of Household reigns were rendered completely meaningless.

“I was going crazy in that room. I cannot live without my family another day,” Metta confessed to host Julie Chen after he asked to be evicted on Monday’s episode. Metta had wanted to quit since early in the game but stuck it out a couple more weeks.

Meanwhile, Keshia decided to leave so that she could continue breastfeeding, telling Julie that “$250,000 isn’t worth more than the health of my child.” She was heartbroken, saying, “I’m a very competitive person and I definitely came into this game to play.”

The next eviction episode of “Celebrity Big Brother” airs Friday, February 23. In fact, it’s the season’s first double eviction. Here’s hoping that the remaining seven houseguests play their hearts out and that another celebrity doesn’t quit like Metta and Keshia.

Published by Hlulani Baloyi