You know that saying, money can’t buy you happiness? Well, it also appears that it can’t guarantee you successful cosmetic surgery either, as today’s celebrities are soon discovering.

Not all glitz and glamour

It has been revealed via the Mirror newspaper that outspoken Katie Price is unhappy with the current appearance of her breasts and that despite several boob jobs she still has “saggy breasts”. However, the 36-year-old glamour model blames her many pregnancies for the change in the shape of her breasts and plans to have a seventh procedure before Christmas to improve their appearance. Making light of it, Price is reported to have said “Two years of pregnancy have made them a little saggy. When I’m an old lady and I die I’ll have the perfect boobs. Everything else will have sagged but my boobs.”


When it all goes wrong

You only have to Google plastic surgery and celebrities to discover just how many stars have had cosmetic enhancements, and the number of those that have suffered from botched surgeries is surprisingly high. However, whereas you or I may be reluctant to pursue compensation for surgery that has gone wrong due to the negligence of a surgeon or other medical professional, celebrities aren’t that shy!

Pete Burns: Cosmetic Surgery Claims

This music icon has certainly changed since his 1980s heyday with band Dead or Alive and extensive cosmetic surgery has left him virtually unrecognizable. In 2007, Peter Burns took to the mediator unleash his outrage at the surgeon that performed surgery on his ample mouth, stating that he felt “mutilated” and “suicidal” as a result of the botched surgery. Problems began soon after Burns received injections which were meant to make his lips significantly plumper than they were original: the singer suffered from an allergic reaction that caused lumps and discharge. It was claimed that the singer had to endure several operations to reconstruct his face as a result of the failed lip enhancement surgery. Burns’ claim was a success and he managed to net an eye-popping £450k in an out of court settlement with the Harley Street surgeon that gave him lip implants.


Making a claim

Celebrities are not the only ones to experience success when it comes to Cosmetic Surgery Claims and if you have suffered due to inappropriate before and aftercare, or a botched surgical procedure; you could also be eligible to make a claim. As a victim of unsuccessful surgery, you may be wondering what to do next, and we can help you decide. Compensation can help you pay for reconstructive surgery and any additional medical costs, including counseling required due to emotional trauma caused as a result of your experience.


Pursuing Cosmetic Surgery Claims

With the right representation, you can get the compensation you deserve in no time at all. In many cases, you will not even need to attend court as the matter can be settled out of court between you and your personal injury solicitors Bury, the guilty party and their insurance company. We, are a reputable firm, known for getting results and find out how much you can claim?


The firm you can trust

Unlike many other legal firms, we care about each of our clients and like to get to know them as much as possible to assess the best approach to take. Would you prefer we visit you at home? No problem! Your appointments can be carried out at home, in the hospital, or our offices in the North West – wherever is most convenient for you.

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