I was out walking the other day and noticed a five or six teenagers in a group walking and each one of them was doing something with a cell phone, either texting or games or something.  Then I started noticing that in restaurants and on busses, most people sitting and their fingers adeptly flying over their phones, not just teenagers, but people of all ages.  It seems that cell phones have become an integral part of today’s society.  Everybody seems to have one and they are used constantly.  It seems people will not go anywhere unless they have their cell phone with them.  If they were banned, I think our society would fall to pieces.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the Bible were treated in the same manner?  What if people would run back home if they forgot their Bible?  What if people would spend as much time reading and studying the Bible as they do on cell phones?  Imagine how much more we would find ourselves becoming more intimate with our loving God.  God’s love is revealed in the Bible and the best way to find out about that love is to read His Word.

Published by Ray Richards