We have heard of the huge  and beautiful flower garden in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Everyone dreams of visiting that place but what if there’s also a breathtaking and Instagram-worthy view in Cebu, Philippines?

I just saw this fuzzy flower farm in an Instagram post and I was surprised when I learned that there’s an existing beautiful garden in the town. Excitedly, I contacted my cousins right away and asked where to find this place and how could I get there. But because of the busy schedule of my cousins, I wasn’t able to see it the soonest that I wanted. Good thing, our friends from Manila came over and planned for a day tour in the city. And because this farm was listed as one of the top tourist spots in Cebu, it was decided as our second stop – Sirao Flower Farm.

img_1614Entrance Fee: Php 25.00 only



Celosia is the name of this fuzzy, multi-colored flowers. This field of yellow, pink, orange, and fiery red flowers is located in Sirao, a mountain barangay of Cebu City. So if you’re going to look at the map, it could be known as “Sirao Flower Farm” or “Celosia Flower Farm”. In the Year 2000, according to my sourceCelosia was labeled by the Sinulog Foundation, Inc. as the “Official Flower of the Sinulog Celebrations” due to its colors (red, orange, yellow) which are prominent in the cape of the image of Señor Santo Niño de Cebu. (Sinulog – Santo Nino Festival is an annual cultural and religious festival held on the third Sunday of January. Read more.)

The entire place was so photogenic and it looks amazing as if you’re not in the Philippines – with all the beautiful, colorful flowers around! For me, the vibrancy and its ambiance completely speak out
“Freedom of Life”.

img_1613-1My travel buddies!img_1626


√ The celosia was formally declared the Official Sinulog Flower on October 21, 2011, by the Cebu City Hilly Land Management Board.

√ When it was announced, the Official Sinulog Flower was called the “Halad sa Sto. Niño Flower”.

√ Barangay Sirao is the home to a number of celosia flower farms.

√ The celosia can last up to two weeks after cutting.

√ In some parts of the world, the celosia is used for medicinal purposes, often used as a treatment for mouth sores.

Find your peace, hope and inner joy as you explore this exemplary place.

Where flowers bloom, so does hope.
Life is beautiful.

Rosy 🌹

Published by Rose Pepito