Chains of Life…


Up until recently once again I found one of the MOST irritating situation you can get into OR even hear about.
            Maybe this had never happened to you OR you know it very well and had experienced it before.

Yet again, what am I talking OR writing about?

That is really easy,
When you know someone OR of someone, who is in the situation OR which they’d put YOU into where this person is IN or Part of a relationship / kind of relationship which isn’t Conducive to their betterment.

            Either they’re in a totally Wrong situation where the two people do not actually Click with each other

Where you can see that one of the two,
Whoever they may be––where ONE of the 2 people are using the Other.


This so much so,
That the Person being Used, either they’re TOO smitten with the situation OR getting the Very Least from the other person––so that they’d not Care if they’re really being used.


I remember the Lyrics somewhat,
‘I don’t want to use you, just having someone close to me…’
That isn’t the kind of thing I’m talking about here.


Just when you THOUGHT this couldn’t get ANY worse than what I’d already mentioned… Hold on!
It does!


This Especially, when this Usage of the person You may KNOW;
It comes and you’re getting used as well––
Almost like Second-Hand smoking!


That said, even if you tell them what you believe;
They may be in this Disillusion so deep,
There’s Absolutely NOTHING that you can tell them to See the reality…


But if Something Major doesn’t happen, then there’s nothing You or I can do in getting them to see this Reality of the Matter that they’re being used!


Then again, another Level of Worse;
This very person you know of,
This very person You’d like to help,
Actually KNOWS the very fact that they’re being USED;
Which is making Everything so much Harder when You’d like to Help them,
Not wasting so much TIME and Money and Hopefully,
Find someone that Will not do the very same thing…


BUT just then,
For You or I,
The actual Realization––No matter what you’d like to HELP them out with,
No matter HOW badly they’re being used,
Dragging this ASS;
Whoever they may be, Into your Lives––

THE Absolutely worse of it all is this,
They allow this person to Use not ONLY them,
But they bring this Person into your Lives and THEY’RE using All of you at the same time!


Just how many times does anyone Need be,

Going Through such a situation in being used;
Over again;

Before they’d learn that lesson…


Then as well, when you miss-trust the USED, they wonder what is the matter that WE eventually get Fed-up with the very same Recurring situation!


The Irony of life…


You’re not allowed to Draw the Line,

But when you do, it with This Person who is Unwilling to leave the Abuser,

You’d become the Villain when You draw the Line with the Person being Used...


Published by Cobus Vermeulen