Are you in touch with your intuition, your inner knowing every single moment of your life? If so, good for you and please tell me how you got there. But, if you are like most, your intuition only seems to rear its head every once in a while. And, even then you aren't really sure if you can trust it. It's for this reason that I urge you to challenge your beliefs.

Once upon a time I truly believed that doctors knew all. I believed they would cure me from all that ailed me. I believed medicine was the answer. Because it was all I knew. Yet, somewhere, something deep inside kept urging me not to medicate myself. When I had a headache, I toughed it out. When I was depressed, I refused to numb with a pill, even when it got so bad I didn't think I would survive another day. 

When I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, everything happened so fast, that I didn't have time to process the idea that maybe I should decline medication. My doctor told me the steroids would lessen the time it would take my body to recover. He told me that the daily injection I would have to take would lessen the overall lifetime effects the MS would have on me. 

He didn't tell me the steroids would destroy my eyesight. He didn't tell me I would have scar tissue from the injections that would cause large indentations in my skin (not to mention who knows what underneath the skin). This was because he didn't know. That led me to question, what else didn't he know. Which led me to question my long held beliefs that doctors knew all and could cure all. Which led me to question that maybe medicine wasn't the answer.

At this point, I was in utter turmoil. It is devastatingly frightening to let go of beliefs that were supposed to free you from a life of disease. I needed proof. But, where was I to get that? It began with the synchronicities that showed up. The woman in treatment who advised me to contact her nutritionist to check out the Swank Diet. The number of people who began sending me articles with alternative options to healing. It was like I was being urged into a different frame of mind.

All it took was one month. One month of trying a different lifestyle. I gave up red meat, all fast food, most processed foods, and dairy. It wasn't easy, but my intuition had grown stronger and it felt like the right thing to do. I hadn't given up my medication, so really I had nothing to lose. At the end of the month, I had more energy than I had experienced since high school. I was on to something. Each day that passed, I received more proof. I began to trust that my intuition was guiding me on the best path for my health.

Eventually I came to believe that medication was not right for me. I went off all medication three months after I began the Swank Diet and have treated my MS with diet ever since. That was 14 years ago. The only challenges I have had were when I have gone off diet (which has changed three different times over the years). I am currently on what I believe to be my best diet option yet, a gluten-free, vegan lifestyle. Yet, while this appears to be working for me now, I rest in faith that if something better comes along, my intuition will guide me once again.

This may resonate with you or it may not. That's the beauty of intuition. It's meant to be your own personal gps. Your intuition will guide you and only you into making the best decisions for you in all areas of your life.  How great is that? You've had the power all along my dear.

Wishing you good health and blessings,


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Published by Melinda Schmitt