Can you begin today to work toward whatever dream or goal that is important to you?

Can you empty yourself of all judgment of yourself and others to begin wherever you are?

Can you challenge yourself like a caterpillar without knowing that it is about to become a butterfly?

Many years ago I read one of the great books by Thomas Stanley about millionaires, and it has stuck with me that I am not what he considers an Alpha female.  I am a Beta female, a female who was not brought up in a family that was encouraging and supportive.  Betas have to find their own self esteem, their own perseverance, and their own tenacity.  If they can do that, they can be very successful.  But out of all of the millionaire women he worked with only a little more than 20% were able to do that.  I count myself among those women.  I am not a millionaire…yet.  And I have my own company, and we are in our fourth year, and we are in the midst of another transition in that business.  Those transitions are necessary to continue the success that has gotten me here.  And, yes, I am in a transition with my business, which means I am also in a transition in my life.  But I am cruising toward my goals with discipline and perseverance and tenacity.  I am rising toward happiness while being happy right now.

You see, I am a great fan of mirror talking…I have learned to talk with my competition…that is she in the mirror.  If I am to be happy, I must start with the person in the mirror, and I am.  I am my own competition.  Much like the competitors in the Olympics, I am my own best friend and my own worst enemy.  I get to choose which one will be with me on the path to happiness.  Like the caterpillar, I am growth-minded, I know I am going somewhere else.  It is not a goal for I known my destiny is already pre-determined.  I am meant to be happy!     It will be gradual progress that will take me to happiness in all areas.  It will take perseverance and tenacity…and patience.  But I will get there.  In the meantime, I continue to develop my strengths for I know that even when I become the happy butterfly I will continue to grow, I will continue to be happy.  I am not waiting “until”, I am happy, I am growing.  And each day, I begin again to challenge myself to continue that growth and to continue being happy right where I am.

Published by Janice Marie