I am sure that many will find change disturbing, but change is a catalyst for growth, a catalyst for happiness.  If we would only embrace the change…

 Many times, change comes about through a transition that we did not seek…we find ourselves between assignments, between clients, and we become anxious.  Yes, anxiety…but, if we allow this time to become a time for growth, we may also find happiness in the process.

Take these transition times and set the stage for your next act…where are you headed?  C

an this transition be a time to re-evaluate and move forward towards happiness?  Pay attention to what you do with your time during any transition.  Are you putting it to good use, even if that is sitting in the sun and meditating?  And in these transitions, please pay attention to saying “no”.  Many will seek your help to help them because you have some downtime…use that time for you.  In the long run, you will be much happier.  Learn to evaluate “opportunities” thoroughly before jumping in and saying “yes!”

Time is a gift.  Use it wisely.  Do the things you have been wanting to do but never had the time.  This is regenerative.  This is a part of life.  Use it wisely

Published by Janice Marie