I wish I could say that I’ve learned to deal with change after the nineteen years I’ve been alive, because things in my life change on the daily. But I’d be lying if I said I had it all figured out. I don’t, by a long shot. But I’m working on it, and that’s what matters most.


When it comes to change, sometimes it hits us like a blow in the stomach. It catches us completely off guard and flips our whole world upside down. And sometimes things are going so well that the possibility of change isn’t even desired. But it will happen regardless if we want it to or not. That’s just life. Things change every day–relationships, school, maturity, and so on. Change even occurs from day to day. When you’re so up close and personal with the change that is going on it may be hard to see what exactly it is doing to your life in the long run. Every chapter we enter will eventually make up the workings of our entire lives. We’ll look back on that spontaneous decision and thank ourselves because it taught us a valuable life lesson or brought us somewhere beautiful.

When change actually happens, it might be scary and new. But if I’ve learned anything from being in college, you always need to try new things. That was something I really needed to work on after I left home. I used to never try anything new, mainly because of the fear of embarrassment or failure.  I think I attributed my likeness of consistency because I never moved as a child. The rules in my house never changed. Everything was always the same. I went to the same school district with the same people my whole life. For a long time, my reluctance to change was also because I had already gotten a certain chapter of my life figured out and then all of a sudden I had to move onto the next. I wanted things to stay that way forever. But life moves on, and you have to keep up with it. Looking back at it, every year of grade school I grew and matured into the young lady I am today.  So I decided to embrace new things head on and accept change for what is is.

After going to college, I realized just how many things in life I was missing out on because of my fear of change.  Change is good, healthy even, I discovered. Everything that happens in our lives will have a tremendous impact on the people we all turn out to be in the end. That is why we must be thankful for each new chapter, new relationship, new job, new school, new friend, etc. because each thing has something important to bring to our lives. Change strengthens us and helps us find out who we really are.

So the next time something is changing, even if it seems unforeseeable, trust that God knows what He’s doing. Don’t live your life by fear, instead embrace all new things and make your own impact on this world.  Sometimes you won’t be totally prepared for the alteration, but you’ll adapt, and you’l learn new things along the way. It won’t always be easy, but if you appreciate all the new experiences and people, you’ll see change for the good it brings to your life.

Published by Amy Roach