Change. It can be exciting but it can also be scary. Recently, a lot of changes have happened in my life and with everything surrounding me. Lots of new opportunities, new journeys, new beginnings and new people. It got me thinking about change because even though so many people are afraid of it, maybe it’s a good thing.

Without change we couldn’t grow and learn as people. I think that although I wanted to stay with the same friends and the same routine it had to change at some point in order for me to grow and move on. My friends are still my friends but now I’m meeting new people and I can learn from them. Although the routine is a lot different it is offering so many new experiences, life skills and opportunities which will be value to me.

I love learning and change enables it, if everything stayed the same eventually I wouldn’t be able to learn anything new and valuable. I have to begin doing new things and embark on new adventures to be able to learn more and more.

Change allows improvements for bigger and better things to happen. Without change we’d never be able to move forward and begin better things within our lives. If we don’t accept change new jobs won’t occur, new adventures won’t be had and new achievements won’t be made.

I feel so lucky that all the changes have worked out positively for me in recent months, I have met new people, began a new stage of education and learnt a lot of new skills. All of this scared me at first, I feel like over the past ten weeks I’ve grown up a lot and I’m starting to see that everything that has been happening is for the good.

Even if change slightly scares you, don’t let it stop you from embracing it. Take it in small steps because change is only natural and the more you embrace it the less it will scare you. Try to see change as a positive, because change is the way of life.

Published by Jaz (GeneralOnGoings)