Have you been on the receiving end of a really bad day, only to get pulled into the negative thinking that heck, this is going to turn into a really bad life? Have there been piles of days when you honestly just cannot seem to win, no matter how hard you try? Like truly, nothing goes your way? I mean, you keep pushing for that goal, but you keep falling short. Every. Single. Time.

What exactly have you used during these rough times to rally yourself and rise up again? Or have you just given in, or walked away and called it quits?

Quitting on your dreams and your hopes should not be an option. Ever. Why put in whatever effort you already have, only to let yourself down? Because really, that is all it is, YOU are letting yourself down.

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. What is the difference between people who keep fighting and those who walk out before they have actually achieved their greatness? Determination? Sure. Self-discipline? Sure. Support from loved ones? Sure. However, the thing that I think pushes these achievers into a class all their own is the belief that today will not last forever. That this really awful and devastating moment of complete failure and hopelessness, will pass. There will be another day tomorrow, and they will get that chance to try again. And, at some point, change will come. Change is always coming after all. It only remains to be seen when, and who will be around to see it affect them positively.

I think a “change will come” mindset is difficult for a lot of people to grasp. Truly though, if you have grown up living one way of life and all of a sudden you are pushed to believe that it gets better if you keep trying, because change will come, well, you might not be as receptive to the idea as say, someone who was raised on that concept. And that is okay.

So, how can you actually train yourself to believe that this moment, this really crappy moment, will pass? Breathe. Take a deep breath and punch a stop in your mind with that breath. This may sound a tad like yoga practice, and honestly, maybe it is (just a tad), but it is the stopping of your negative and life-derailing train of thoughts that can help you switch tracks to something that is more hopeful. As human beings, we are geared to be hopeful. Even when we are busy whining about the awfulness of our existences, we are hopeful somewhere deep down that change will come, and it will come for the better. And so, a lot of us keep trying. And try we must, because “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again”.

Change will come. It must. And if we’ve worked hard enough, hopefully, it will be in our favour.


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