Sometimes, you might hear people saying Buddhist is so negative as we always mention emptiness and suffering. Is it true?

We need to understand what is the true teaching of our great master-Buddha. Instead of, by just focusing on the meaning of wording, keep figure out and trapping ourselves in the wording. Why not be mindfulness in your daily life, keep up your good practice and experience life? You can definitely have a better understanding about life.

There is a great story being shared by one of my teacher. He shared with us that a person being robbed. In general, people might associate with “Bad luck”, “Bad thing happen”, “Why this horrible incident happen to me?”, “Why me?”, “I am poorer”… followed by ton of complaint, grumble, anger and also full of negative energy.

However, this person is so wise and he keeps smiling even though after being robbed. His friends asked him, “Wow! Why are you keep smiling?”

He answered wisely that,

” The robber took part of my money and not all of my money.”

“The robber took my money and he never kill me. I am still alive! How Blessed!”

“He is the robber and I am not. A great learning lesson that not to take people money without consensus.”

This is a great example on suffering or happiness; it’s all depend on your thought. Whether you want to be in heaven or hell, it’s all depend on you. Change your thought and you are going to change your world!

Positive or negative, suffering or happiness, good or bad, all interpretation is from you. Why not look at thing in a positive perspective? Why are you keep punishing yourself to be unhappy?

Let’s live our life to fullest with positive, warm, happiness, peace and shine this kind virtues to our surrounding!

Change yourself first, and not others! You can definitely see the changes you are making!

Published by Hoh Li Jiun