This ministry offers free genealogy in addition to free prayer and free prophecy. So if you want me to research your ancestry I can do it for free, e.mail me at for further information. I can not promise you I will find anything, but I will try.

I have researched some of my own ancestry, on my mothers side, and I discovered to my amazement my grandmother and great grandmother were all jews. So that makes me a jew, and since I trust that Jesus died for me it makes a messianic jew.

This will not change very much in the ministry, because as a jew I know that the Bible says everything we as humans do is a sin. Its even a sin in the eyes of God when a jew prays trusting that God will hear him just because he is a jew. Just as it is a sin when a pentecostal, catholic, baptist, charismatic prays trusting God will hear him or her just because of their denomination.

Jew or gentil, the Lord hears our prayers if we are righteous. And jew and gentil can only become righteous through trust in what Jesus died for us at the cross.

But its ok and not a sin for a jew or a gentil to express their cultural background in prayer and worship. Its ok for a jew to worship the Lord and pray to Him expressing his Jewish culture and belief, as long as his trust is in what Jesus did for him. And it is ok for a catholic, pentecostal, baptist, charismatic to pray and worship using their culture and belief as long as they trust in what Jesus did for them.

So when you begin to notice how my prayers changes it is an expression of my culture as a jew. It is more natural for me personally to say Abba instead of Dad or Father. Adonai instead of Lord and Yeshua instead of Jesus. But all of these words are just words that expresses my culture as a jew. My prayers are not more valuable to the Lord because I use words like that, my prayers are heard because I trust that Jesus died for my sins.

So I know there are some Christians who feel they have to become Jews to be heard by God. So they adopt Jewish culture and believe they have to celebrate the Sabbath or use Jewish words and language when they pray.

When this happens they are actually starting to fall from grace and beginning to frustrate the grace of God. Why? Because they are trusting the jewish background of Christianity when they should be trusting what Jesus did for them. Their decision to use prayer shawls, and live as jews, when they are not jews, is actually frustrating the grace of God.

I personally feel the Lord is guiding me to embrace my jewish background and culture. But I know I am not made righteous by God because of the fact that I am a jew. I am righteous because I trust Jesus died for my sins. So my decision to address the Lord as Adonai instead of Lord is a personal choice to help me embrace the fact that I am jewish.

So I encourage you who read this, if you are not jewish, please continue to pray the way you feel free to do. If you feel free to adress the Lord as Lord, then do so. If you feel free to address Him as Dad, Father, Jesus, Adonai, Abba, then do so. But please remember, the words you use has no meaning, for the Lord looks to see where your trust is.

If your trust is in the cross, in Jesus dying for your sins, then He knows for sure you are righteous and that is what gives your prayers power and authority with Him. Then you can pray a simple prayer such as “help me Jesus” and He will hear that prayer more then He hears a long 30 minute prayer.

As I mentioned, not much will change in this ministry because of this. But you will begin to notice how I will use jewish words in my prayers. This is a personal choice to help myself embrace my own jewish identity.

God bless.


Published by Apostle Ernie