Before, I would find adventure in extreme rides found in theme parks. Watching death-defying stunts, dangerous, or extreme sports in television - those were adventures. Those are not for the faint of heart, but for the brave and the fearless.

But little by little, I found out that "Adventure" is a term so vast - it does not end with all those mentioned above - it even extends to exploring mountain tops, swimming in the deep blue sea, chasing waterfalls, or anything. Adventure could be really anything, and it depends on one's perspective as well. I could go out, explore an unfamiliar city alone, talk with strangers, learn their dialect and find ways how I could communicate with them effectively. It is unusual and exciting, thus I would find it adventurous.

Life is full of surprises. Find adventure in every happenings.

Collect memories by capturing moments. 

Published by Kristina Cuenca