A searching wind blows into the night and stirs the dancing embers of the fire. Little star children are fighting profusely; back and forth. Little scenes of twinkle dust dancing, bouncing, painting, shining images in the sky for the world below. Who is to wake Mother Half Moon and tell her the news? That finally the wind is changing. Blowing in her direction. Giving her the chance to full grow again. Coyote stops dancing with the Star Woman. Covered in star dust he leaves her and jumps towards the kotcha (house) of Mother Half Moon. Dusk is starting to form on the earth below and Father Sun stops the celebration. The sunbeams stop the dance, pick up their drums and walk behind Father Sun towards the cloud loklo (valley) of rest; to prepare for the next day's celebration. Coyote looks back towards the Star Children who have stopped their fighting. And are staring dumbfounded as he gets closer to Mother Half moon's kotcha.

Coyote looks back

As she wakes up

And grins like the bobcat.

The world becomes a glow with her radiating light as she walks out and kindles the fire. The embers stop dancing and looks towards the direction of the wind. She smiles excitedly because she knows the goodness that is coming. The wind sweetly sings a song of joy as it blows throughout the earth and sky; the joy that is reflected within the hearts of the people. Dancing and celebration start on earth and Mother Half Moon  is so filled with emotion that she grows full again. And the star children dance excitedly for this miraculous event. This is a great omen. The wind sweetly sings the song and the dance continues in the hearts of the nations of the people. 

Published by Kristen Debler