Finding balance has always been tough in life, you either have too much of anything or you have too little. No matter how hard we try, the imbalance continues to haunt us like the ghosts of our pasts.

​I used to believe it was my mind playing tricks on me, that I was making life tougher for myself but, that wasn't the case. Many times, it all occurs naturally and we allow it because that's simply the norm for us. Some of us find our way out, some of us dig ourselves further into the stresses of life, I don't think it's as easy as simply changing our habits, it's something more complex, I have always believed that to be true.


​As much as I think changing our lifestyles will help, perhaps we need to read between the lines, in terms of what others tell us. Simple things can make a big difference, at least for me, myself and I, personally.


1. Taking a deep breath always did the trick when nothing else seemed to.
​2. Writing down all the wonderful things currently present in life can also be good.
​3. Reminding yourself daily of the oxygen you breathe and how tomorrow is a new day.
​4. Keep smiling because you're worth it, every single moment of it and I believe that!


​As tough as life can be, whether you're anxious about school, worried about work, sad about love
​just know that your strength in those situations, is what makes you the individual you are today.


Published by Mila Christiansen