When I started blogging, I never had an intention of making it a hobby or even committing to it. It was a spontaneous decision to share a few of my life lessons to others, in hopes that someone would learn from mine. I am not the best writer/story-teller nevertheless I want to try my best to put my thoughts out there. Albeit in my mind they are all incoherent and the task for me is to figure out a way to produce a message out of my erratic thoughts. 

Like many, I've had my fair share of disappointment, heartbreaks, rejections and mostly failure. However, I'm still alive and breathing. As cliche as it sounds, I adopt the 'Live like there's no tomorrow '. My biggest fear is not death itself, it's dying with regrets. 

I hope I manage to make one or two ponder over my words and hopefully inspire them. 

Published by X Biri