Okay so nobody should let me go shopping in Chapters alone anymore. It’s a bad idea. Now I walked in the other day and there was a sale to get the fourth book free and oops? Four books total. Under $50 I’d say it was a win for me.

So here’s what I got: 


This one ^ was chosen based off a recommendation from my friend Sarah. She told me no judging the cover on this one (Because I really do despise it) and to to try out the book. I’m listening to advice!



This one is all Michelle’s fault. I’ve seen and heard too much about her love of this book both on her blog and in person. Time to see what the fuss is about.



So this was one of those books. The one where you see time and time again. Keep looking at it. Don’t buy it, but remain curious. I finally broke that months long relationship with this book and bought it. We’ll see if my curiosity was worth it.



Now the wild card. Pretty sure I had heard about this book before somewhere,  I mean that’s not surprising. But one of the Chapter’s employees recommended it since she had finished it recently herself. So high hopes!


So there’s my own little book haul, hopefully they all turn out. Though, sadly due to the cruelty of exams I no doubt won’t be able to get started on any of these for another two weeks at minimum.

What books are waiting on the top of your shelf right now?
Any recommendations for my next book run?

Until next time,


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