Just as a good location is vital for brick and mortar business, a domain name is critical; it is the real estate on the internet. If you have a good domain name then, your business is strongly founded and it’s the cornerstone of your website success.

How then do you identify the most appropriate domain for your site? Following are some of the characteristics of a good domain.

A good domain is short

A good domain name is always short and precise. That is why the three letter and four letter domains are almost gone and the trend continues. Very soon, the five letter domains will be a thing of the past due to the high demand for the short domains. There is no specific number of characters that a domain name should have but the most important thing is to know that the shorter the domain, the better. That is why whenever you want to buy a domain name; you need an expert who will help you identify the best name for your business.

Should be easy to remember

Very few internet users use bookmarks. Most of these are “too lazy” to memorize the names and would want a short name that they can easily type without referring. Thus if your site domain is long and complex, you will lose many visitors along the way, and all these go to your competitors.

Easy to spell

How would you feel when you have invested all the money and other resources to develop a website only to have a domain where visitors misspell and end up to another website? That feels so bad and can be avoided by choosing a name that is short and easy to spell. Let the domain expert help you get the name that is easy so that you don’t commit expensive mistakes.

Ensure your domain name has a .com extension

You may want to register a .org name or others based on the location of your business. Apart from those two exceptions, .com remains the best option for any business website. This extension is the most popular around the globe and therefore site visitors find it easy to access your site.

Any visitor that I coming to your site will pay keen attention to mostly the domain name and not the URL. Any time they are coming back, they’ll just type the name and .com to access the site. That is why you need to get the .com extension. In fact, many of these visitors are not aware of the other domain extensions and thus have no trust in them.

The domain is descriptive

A lot of traffic to your site comes through the direct links in other websites.  They come to the site because they consider it appealing. Therefore, if you want to attract as many as possible when buying a domain name, make sure it is as descriptive as possible. Having a descriptive domain name gives the visitors an idea of what they expect in your site and therefore they don’t have to struggle to look for solutions elsewhere.

To get the most appropriate domain name, look for a reliable domain company, which will guide you on the best name. This will ensure that you avoid mistakes that could lead to a loss of visitors to your competition. 


Published by Samantha Brown