Looking attractive and presentable always is a desire that stays hidden in every human’s heart. Many women express it, while most of the men hesitate to admit it openly. Male or female, every person has the right to look nice and it starts with keeping the skin dirt-free and nourished. Men who find it ridiculous to waste time on shopping for beauty products for themselves, can opt to buy Charcoal Peel Off Mask Online anytime.

Adorning yourself with branded and designed attire only cannot make a person look beautiful. Apart from a good personality, the quality and texture of your skin contribute highly to your overall appearance. With pimples, rashes and black spots on the dull-looking skin, you cannot expect to charm anyone with your look. This is not just applicable in case of women, but men as well. For naturally healthy glowing skin, taking good care of skin is really important.

Why Charcoal?

Charcoal is actually a kind of lightweight black carbon or half-burnt wood or hydrocarbon ash residue. Charcoal is capable to fight acne issues and skin infections as it can draw toxins, chemicals, dirt, bacteria and harmful micro-particles to the skin surface.

Charcoal in Face Mask!

Our skin surface contains innumerable tiny pores through which sweat oozes out, and so does oil. This oil combines with suspended dust/dirt in the atmosphere and sticks to the pores. This action blocks the pores and our skin suffers due to suffocation. The reaction is visible then as acne, rashes, dull appearance, blackheads etc. This robs people (even a man) of their natural skin health and glow.

Activated carbon used in an appropriate measure in face mask, can defeat the external enemies of your skin. It pulls out the dirt and oiliness like a magnet, leaving behind the purified and nourished skin.

A skin test is a must

Before applying anything on the face, remember it is one of the most sensitive portions of your body. Before using a charcoal face mask, doing a simple skin test on your own is recommended. Apply a little of the product on the underside of your wrist or onto your cheek and wait 10 minutes. If you experience swelling, redness, itchiness or any sort of irritation, then do not use it. If nothing happens, you have the green signal!

How to use it?

Understanding the right process to use a product and applying so are necessary for enjoying maximum benefits possible. Never apply any mask on dirty unclean face. Cleanse your face, exfoliate it properly using mild products and then apply the charcoal mask.

You can either use a wide foundation brush or simply your fingertips to apply it evenly across your face. Do not use it at areas surrounding the eye and lips. You can also apply it at just acne prone sites. Be gentle to avoid irritation.

Just wait for 7-10 minutes or till you are comfortable with. Peel it slowly starting from the bottom of the mask and continue upwards towards the forehead. Always peel upward towards your forehead to avoid skin sagging.

Wash your face gently but properly. No residue should be left. Pat dry and apply a gel-based light moisturizer. Use it only twice in a month with 2 weeks gap in-between.

Buying tips

Opt for a charcoal mask that contains not only activated charcoal but also soothing agents like essential oils & aloe vera, which can soothe and calm your skin. Cleansing and nourishing both are necessary.

Always use good quality and popular branded products with natural ingredients for your face, body and hair.

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