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I have always loved Melissa Foster's books and this one was just as hot.

What do you get when you put an A-list actress and a famous rock star together to make a movie. Something sizzling hot.

Trish Ryder is a very serious actress. She also has five very protective brothers who would do anything for her even when she doesn't think she needs it. She has had a crush on Boone Stryker for a while now and has been looking forward to working with him even though he has a bad rep in the press.

Boone Stryker is a famous rock star who has a reputation for partying and sleeping around. But what people don't know except his family and close friends is that he is anything but that. He chose to use that rep to keep his family safe from the media. He is very protective of his family and close friends that he grew up with. He will drop whatever he is doing to go the them in a time of need. He is looking forward to working with Trish because he is an amazing actress.

One night Trish is trying to study lines in her trailer but the loud music across the lot is distracting her and that party is coming from Boone's trailer. She wants to go and say something but she doesn't want to come off bitchy but it is after midnight so she really needs to get some rest. She calls her best friend to bitch to her and she tells her to just go over there and ask him to keep the noise down.

As she goes over there she knocks on his door and no one answers and she tried to open it but it is locked. She figures he is passed out with some of his groupies. As she is about to leave she hears him call her name. He is coming from the parking lot. She asks him in a not so nice tone to please keep his groupies in check. He gets a mad look to his face and tells her he will take care of it. They talk back and forth for a few minutes before she realizes there is a pretty blonde standing behind him. As he leaves to break up the party she grabs the blonde's hand and leaves. Trish did not know why but she had a jealous streak go through her at seeing him with another woman.

Boone was pissed off. He had let one of his buddies stay with him for a few days and when he left he left his groupies behind. He figured once his buddy left they would too. He guessed he was wrong. The blonde that was with him was a childhood friend, not what Trish thought she was.

When they were near each other sparks flew. They were fighting the attraction left and right, but when they were doing scenes together Boone seemed to pull back his emotions. They kept trying to do this one scene where Trish was drugged out with a overdose. She was on the verge of dying. She was doing such a real job of acting it out that it brought back memories to Boone. He could not get the scene right for nothing. The director was on the verge of pulling the plug.

Trish did not know what was going on with Boone why it was so hard for him to get the scene down pat. But the director was done and Trish asked him to give her some time to work with him so they could get the scene down pat. He agreed and told him they were going to the next place they had set up for the next scenes to be shot at. They had ten days to get everything down pat or they were both off of the movie.

Boone was pissed and did not want to go to some place for ten days with Trish. He hated that her job was on the line along with him. Now he was bound and determined to get this down so she can get the Oscar she deserves. But there was no way he was going to spend ten days.

Trish could not believe she had to get him to pull this off in order to keep her job. But she was going to and she was not going to let him skirt on this either. Even if he tells her he is only going to spend two or three days max there. But, she told him that was not how this was going to go.

Once they got to the house they were going to be for the next little while they clashed and fought their heat and attraction with everything they had. They continued to grow closer and opened up to each other. Trish got to the heart of the problem (Which you will have to read to find out what it is.) The closer they got the more they were falling for each other.

When the crew gets there to start filming they notice something had happened and let the gossip flow. Trish was thrown for a loop. She had never really been the center of gossip before and the things they were saying was starting to get to her because none of it was true. She let's Boone know how she is feeling and they have a bad moment from something he said.

Now if you want to find out what happens when they confront each other about what was said and what happens when some of her siblings come to visit the set and when he has to go home for a day then you need to pick up the book and read it. But, here are some questions you can ask while you are reading.

What happens with Trish and Boone?

Do they reconnect after that horrible day on the set?

When Boone has to leave to go home for a day does she go or will he let her?

What happens when her siblings come to visit her?

What does his siblings say about them?

Does Boone get the horrible scene he has had trouble with down pat or does he mess it up again?

Those are questions you will find answers to when you read.

Thank you for reading my blog and I look forward to hearing from you.

Until Next Time: Happy Reading.

Published by Donna Morrison