The cellars in Chateau de Chillon are worth stepping down to. The wine barrels fill one chamber. The white and red wine rest here awaiting their day.

Flagstone floors lead through arched and at certain spots mysterious corridors. In some the immensity of the castle built straight on the rock can be seen. The medieval craftsmen erected this castle and the arches seem to rise directly from the folded mass of stone. To bring the daily life of knights and damsels closer to our contemporary minds, the shadow theater presents scences that act out their habits and conversations. The theater is lovely; standing there for a few moments I recall tales from my childhood. Who said that story-telling is reserved only for kids? We all have those favorite stories that we would not mind hearing again. In this dark cellar chamber they sound true indeed :)

I have posted more pictures on my blog: You are welcome to visit :)


Published by Sonia Malysz