Gradually, dedicated hosting is becoming the choice of businesses of all sizes. If we take a look at its market size, we see it is expected to reach 6.53 billion U.S. dollars worldwide by 2020, according to Having said that, most businesses still do not go for it because of the high operating cost of a dedicated server. If you have the same concern good news is, there are numerous providers that offer cheap dedicated hosting plan.

You just need to be smart enough to get that affordable plan. This post includes some great tips to help you find the right dedicated server at cheap.

Let’s find out these tips.

#1. Do a Comprehensive Prior Research

This is the very basic thing that you can start with. Research and create a list of affordable dedicated hosting providers that may be your favorite pick. This can be done with having a look at the budget you have put in place. As different providers will offer different services at different cost, you must decide on how much space and bandwidth you need.

In order to find the list of cheap dedicated servers, you can also rely on popular blogs and hosting reviews. There are numerous review websites out there that specifically target hosting services. It will narrow down your search for preferred cheap dedicated servers.

The idea behind this research is to collect some potential dedicated providers and compare their different pricing models.

#2. Go for a Dedicated Server Offering Wide Bandwidth

Look at some of your potential providers and go for a plan offering a wide bandwidth. The reason is high bandwidth aids in accelerating the speed of your web page. Needless to say, loading speed is an important aspect that almost every search engine considers.

According to the Google speed update, page loading speed is going to be a big ranking factor. Therefore, you should not ignore it as well when looking for the best yet cheap dedicated server.

#3. Consider Choosing Unmanaged Dedicated Server

Like in every web hosting service, in dedicated hosting too, you get an option to choose between managed servers and unmanaged servers. Before you make your final decision, it is important to understand the differences between these two.

Unmanaged dedicated servers are ideal for businesses who can manage their server by on their own. Since it is a cheaper option, you will have to look after network connection, hardware and everything you need to run your website efficiently.

On the other hand with managed dedicated servers, all day-to-day requirements are handled by the provider itself.

So, if have the ability to take preventative measures and keep your server running smoothly choosing unmanaged server can be a good way to reduce your hosting costs. There are numerous inexpensive dedicated hosting providers that can provide you with unmanaged plans.

#4 Shop for Dedicated Servers that are Secure and User-Friendly

Security is a big aspect you should consider when looking for a cheap dedicated server. Do not just go for affordable packages that will put your site’s security into risk. Security of your website should come handy and you should be able to manage it easily.

In the long run, investing into a secure dedicated server will prove better ROI (return on investment).

#5 Take Advantage of Promotions

Another great way to save money on a dedicated hosting is, take advantage of promotions and specials. There are many hosting providers that run weekly promotions.

Here your list of cheap dedicated hosting providers can help you find which of your favorite provider is running promotions.

In addition to this, on days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can get discount up to 70%.

Final Words

Dedicated hosting proves the great value for money if you choose the right provider and plan. We hope the tips mentioned in this post will help you get worth-buying cheap dedicated hosting.


Published by Johanne Cosihan