If you’re looking for a new comic to get hooked on, then it would be wise to keep an eye on the website Adventures in Poor Taste.    Here is what they have been saying about a handful of recent series from various genres.

Faith is not about the troubled vampire slayer, but a new ongoing series about a character from Valiant Entertainment, which sees the usually upbeat character begin to show the strain of balancing life with superheroing.  AIPT gives it a nearly perfect score, deducting half a point for the pop culture references occasionally coming off as a bit forced.

Joyride  tells the story of a group of teens who steal a spacecraft to escape from a dystopian future Earth.  AIPT looks at the fourth issue of the new series, which provides some background on a character who had previously seemed rather flat.  It sure sounds like the comic, described by the artist as Star Trek meets the Teen Titans, is running smoothly.

AIPT gives a perfect score to the third issue of Mae, a story about Earth sisters travelling in a fantasy world.  The review promises a fantastic world, with plenty of callouts to other nerd stories as Mae learns about the mysterious world that her sister Abbie has spent plenty of time exploring.

The second issue of Cryptocracy gets a worse score than any of the previous three comics, but still receives a solid 7.5 out of 10.  This series tells the story of nine families who secretly control the world.  The second issue continues to reveal information about the nine families, specifically their involvement in World War Two, but suffers by offering very little development for the protagonist.

Dropping even further is The Hunt, though it still finds itself just above the median line.  This is a horror series following a girl named Orla, who has a hard enough time with high school, and now must deal with the supernatural as well.  AIPT praises the art but is less impressed with the story, which is just confusing after the first issue, but might fare better when the series is published in a trade.

Finally, we come to Kill or Be Killed, written by Ed Brubaker, perhaps best known as the man behind the Captain America comic Winter Soldier storyline.  Here he presents the dark story of a man who must kill people in order to stay alive himself.

So keep your eyes on Adventures in Poor Taste for future reviews of these comics, or other series’ you might want to check out!

Published by Andrew Clendening