With the world’s leading and widely celebrated festival is coming up next year, Oktoberfest remains a widely known German folk festival that is particularly carried out in order to honor and boost the German and Bavarian cultures. The Oktoberfest is a worldwide-celebrated festival that begins in the middle of September and runs through the first two weeks of October. Due to the extended duration of the festival, it makes the experience much more enjoyable when you try to fully blend in with the culturally rich locals of the area.

Throughout the years, Oktoberfest has become increasingly popular and has risen to be a distinctive event around the world. It is renowned because of one specific reason, which is, it incorporates wearing the traditional German lederhosen for men and for women, the traditional, old-fashioned but stylish dirndl. The Oktoberfest is supposedly carried out to enjoy amazing quality beer, this attracts a large crowd, both tourists and locals.

The event allows you to have the best thrilling and energizing 16 days, an occasion that has been passed down from generation to generation-in Munich. It provides entertainment and alcohol consumption to your hearts’ desire. It is especially attractive for those who have a special place for beer in their life. The most important part, after beer, is wearing the traditional lederhosen.

Authentic lederhosen can be found at Lederhosen store. The store has a variety of jeans, leather pants, suspenders and a large variety of checkered and plaid shirts.

Men’s Checkered Shirt Trends for 2019 Oktoberfest

The trend of men’s lederhosen does not change as much annually, but we can always make it look new and unique by making changes in its color and style. Next year these classic options are going to be in trend:

The Classical Red Checkered Shirt

Apart from leather pants, plaids and checkered shirts are the major recognizable feature of the outfit of men this year. The classic Bavarian look cannot be attained unless you wear a checkered shirt. Plaid can perfectly catch eyes in the crowd. Mostly it comes in two designs, it can be either a checkered one or a plain one, but commonly it is a choice people prefer in red checks.

The elegance, sophistication, and timeless beauty of red plaid make it a popular choice for those who want to flaunt the classical but trendy look at Oktoberfest. In Lederhosen Store, it comes in assorted styles, featuring in red and white. Checks can be big or small, whatever your preference. You can surely give off a perfect classic vibe with this choice of shirt. It can be worn in any season because it is made out of polyester mixed with cotton.

Red and Blue Plaids

Besides red and white checks, red and blue checkered shirts can also give off this statement look at this Oktoberfest. In fact, you can always wear this shirt no matter what the event is. Add this shirt to your Oktoberfest look to make everyone envious this year. Since these are made out of polyester and cotton, you can wear this at any time of the year. Sleeves could be rolled up or kept full depending upon how you feel like.

Green Plaid

Green is one of the perfect choices you have for Oktoberfest this year. To add to the spark of your look, green checks could be big or small. It comes in numerous sizes with the same color; you just have to choose the one you think will pull off your look. For men, it can be worn with light or dark lederhosen. Green plaids are available in all shades of green including pine green, emerald in diamond checks. It is also one of the ideal choices because of its material.

Oktoberfest is all about flaunting your authentic German lederhosen. Next year, be sure to follow these style trends and get ready to have the spotlights on you!

Published by Alyssa Moylan