i thought it would be best to do this post before i go into my running and fitness posts..

since i was about 12 i have had chest pains in the area around my heart, often it comes a tight due to being a little anxious or stressed but that is very rare. the pain usually and mostly occurs during exercise, so being a runner this proves very difficult sometimes. basically the pain is sharp and i want to grab my heart area, it then aches, it makes me feel like i want to remove the ribs in front, to like give my heart some room, its very hard to explain, the pain get worse when i exert myself so when i push harder say, when sprinter or coming to the finish line, my chest becomes so tight, i feel like my ribs may burst, i grit my teeth a lot, it makes me want to scream and cry sometimes when its so bad. when it occurs i have to usually pull back, slow down so the pain becomes less sharp and more of an ache, because until recently i didn’t fully understand what the problem was, and i couldn’t push myself just incase something worse occurred.

the pain tends to slow after i finish the rain/exertion, but the next day is just as bad, the day after, my chest is so achy its as if some has been jumping over and over on my chest, or throwing bricks at it, i take tablets to help ease the pain,  but if i try and exert myself the day after too the pain is just as bad, thinking about it now makes me wince and feel sick! i also have a HRM (heart rate monitor watch) in which i watch my heart rate all the time as it reaches up to 198,199,200!! crazy right!

i have had many ECG tests, treadmill tests and recently an MRI scan, which thankfully concluded, i don’t have a heart condition! but i do still have a problem, i do still have pain and have to be careful, so more investigation may occur soon.. but basically they have put it down to what they call a ‘muscular skeletal condition’ so a condition which is more to do with the bones and the intercostal muscles. trying to explain this so you understand its as if my heart is trying to escape my rib cage, surrounding area. the heart is a muscle and when under exercise it enlarges and will get bigger and bigger when working harder, basically my chest/rib area is very small its not full size i have a very tiny frame, and due to an accident i had when i was 12 (i damaged my ribs, fracturing a rib, causing it to know be squashed) they are now thinking this is related, and that there is not enough room in my chest in order for my heart to enlarge fully when exerting myself. its as if the heart is pressing against the ribs and thats what is hurting me.

it drives me insane when I’m competing and i want to push harder and harder, my legs can do it, I’ve train so hard, my mind can do it, i can push mentally so far, but the best pain comes and it as if I’m floating and i just can’t push past it. very frustrating a cheeky chest indeed. hoping to eventually find out the real problem and hopefully sort it out so i can achieve the best i can/want. i will keep you all updated anyway and let you know of any news about it! i don’t let  it get in my way, i still train all the time and compete loads, it won’t stop me!

so whatever happens just think at least your not an idiot like me, having a chest condition and still anting to be an athlete! it would be ok if i was into knitting or colouring something less active!! haha, just never give up guys, no matter what life throws at you!

happy living
much love J


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