Dear, I know that you feel alone tonight. Whatever it is that you’re thinking, let it go.

You might be tired from all these mess, but hold on! It’s not finished yet.

I am not sure what current situation you’re facing now, but do not let go of that hope. That tiny light in your heart that’s whispering “Go on! You can do it!”

If you fail, don’t be afraid to try again. For who knows, this might be your time.

You’re feeling abused? Think straight and be logical. Face issues one step at a time.

Do not let others put you down. Do not let other’s inadequacy pull you from your dreams.

You have started, right? It only means you’ve got something THERE.INSIDE.

I know you are praying to wake up one day with a wide smile on your face thanking God as He finally answered your prayers!

Oh, please don’t get tired of loving – and forgiving. Some people may not understand you, but some will definitely love you even in your most unlovable moments.

Life may be giving you a hard time, but you can’t always be hard on yourself. Keep on doing what makes you happy. Take risks. Go on. Make that change.

It won’t be easy, I know. But if it is, will you strive to become better?

These are all tests. Be patient. Take heed. Continue. Try. Fail. Try again until you succeed.


Mom, if you feel alone tonight, remember that this ain’t YOUR journey. Look up, He will be there. Always.

Published by Mary Grace Suycano