Happy New Year readers!

Its been some time since I’ve written content however I’m back with a great realization that most artist and designers often struggle with throughout their creative development. Yes, the fact our eye sight is slowly diminishing..but even more eye opening :

you are not perfect, merely because there is no such thing as the perfect design. Even Salvador Dali said it:


It’s a good thing.

I’m just speaking from my personal opinion, be happy to disagree. But surely there are clean and vibrant designs that work with the objective of a project, but that does not mean you have to keep perfecting that style or copy that style because that is what gets you hired.. just go crazy, add some color, get off the computer and draw or paint something for a change, bounce ideas off that design and create something new.

The moment I realized creative over perfection happened while studying Stefan Sagmeister / / and  the creators at Sagmeister & Walsh.



Sagmeisters is known for his outspoken work with sexuality, bold colors, typography and campaigns.






Sagmeister’s approach to his designs go in hand with surrealism. Identifying yourself as a surrealist or familiarizing yourself with surreal artists allows you to open the doors to a whole new level of creativity because you are no longer trapped within the boundaries or  mentality of good or bad art.

& That is why there needs to be a cheer to  the surrealists.



Published by Claudia Sierra