He may be a complete meanie when it comes to verbal spats, but Chef Gordon Ramsay got his culinary talent to speak volumes sans the obnoxious verses. In another proof – not that we needed one – of his cooking prowess, Chef Ramsay demonstrates an effortless and flawlessly put together batch of scotch eggs. Of course, these are not your basic scotch eggs, but Ramsay’s special ‘Scotch Eggs with a Twist’.

And given his shiny Michelin stars and Scottish bloodline, we have no reason to doubt the twist, which the Chef introduces in the meat that covers the boiled eggs. Instead of sticking to regular ground sausage, the chef steps it up by adding spicy black pudding and shredded apple, which according to him, makes the dish more appealing to kids.

“There’s something so magical about a Scotch egg on a picnic because it’s like this little mini-breakfast,” Ramsay comments while gracefuly going about preparing the eggs in an organized assembly line that involves coating the eggs in flour, then egg wash, and finally Japanese white bread crumbs (a.k.a. panko breadcrumbs). Ramsay then goes on to fry the ready eggs in olive oil.

The ends result is a batch of gorgeously golden and perfect scotch eggs that would put you to shame even on a good hair day. Watch the complete video below.

Published by Hungry Forever