Regardless of your profession, proper attire depicts discipline, professionalism and an outstanding personality. Bringing that into a professional restaurant or even into your own kitchen adds some sense of style and love for what you do. The point is, a good quality and clean uniform is an important part of a professional chef’s life.

Let’s be honest; chefs do play a significant role in our day-to-day lives, right? In fact, you find most professional chefs working in high-end restaurants and the biggest hotels around the world. Why?  Well, because professional chefs are not only trained to prepare the best dishes but also to present these dishes in a smart and presentable manner. And it is not only their services that are fit to be seen but also their looks from head to toe.

No matter where you go, all professional chefs should be in a uniform. If you want to become a chef, here are must-have uniform pieces that you can find in several shops including the celebrated WPL Chef Wear Shop.

  • Chef hat or caps –Chef hats are designed to symbolize cleanliness and also keep the chef’s head and hair safe from the flames and heat. If you have tried cooking at home without covering your hair/head, you might have noticed how exhausting it is when your hair keeps coming to your face. It can also be unhygienic, especially if strands of hair fall into the food.


  • Chef jackets or coats – Since time immemorial, the linen classic chef jackets or coats have been the most popular chef uniform pieces. If you are not wearing a chefcoat or jacket, then you arereally missing something important. It’s the jackets that protect you from the stove heat and the hot foods you are preparing. It is for this reason that most chef coats and jackets are white in color. You might also have noticed that the jackets and coats are double breasted, right? This is because they can be reversed whenever you need to hide stains.


  • The chef pants – In most countries, the chef trousers will either be plain black in color or checked. The material however, will depend on the wearer’s comfort and sense of style; there are no limitations in that. But because you will be around heat all the time, it advisable that you choose a pair of pants that is light and not too tight.


  • Chef aprons –Aprons are a great substitute for a chef coat or jacket. They are light enough for easy cleaning whenever the chef needs to wash them. If you do not have a chef coat or jacket, make surethat you go for a chef apron. This is because a chef apron will keep your clothing free of stains andodors. And the best part is that aprons come in different colors and styles to meet your specific needs.


  • Chef shoes – Last but not least, your feet too need to be covered when you are in the kitchen. And because you will be on your feet for the better part of all your working days, you should find a comfortable pairof chef shoes. For safety, also make sure that the shoes have a nonslip sole.


Published by Lucy Jones