I mean, who doesn't love pizza? Would you agree that pizza could make the world go round? Maybe next in line, after love? Then money? Back in Manila, you'll know somebody is celebrating a birthday when there's pizza. Or somebody just got a promotion, or sealed a huge deal. So as I visit Spring Hill, Florida, I said, Spring Hill, find me a pizza to love! (yes, Freddie Mercury, I am quoting you).. Enter, Chefs of Napoli..

The facade of Chefs of Napoli by Barclay and Powell Sts.

Enter the gates of Chefs of Napoli

Spring Hill's Chefs of Napoli

We drove to Chefs of Napoli, just to pick up our phone order of pizza. Nothing fancy, just mushrooms and cheese on it. Yeah, we needed our fix. So a full-blown review of the restaurant is not ready just yet. I am just too eager to share this gem I found.

I am not to get all the credit for finding the place. Tripadvisor gave it a Certificate of Excellence. And that's no laughing matter. You can find the reviews here. My new friends in the neighborhood name-dropped it if we wanted some real-deal pizza. Last night, we phoned the restaurant for pizza for dinner. And that's exactly what we found.

We opened the door, and from the counter, we saw a huge wood brick oven. They were churning out pizzas on the fly. The place was busy at 6:30 pm. These are all good signs to good food. We walked out of there with two large pizzas. Hunger had us rushing home. Well, not necessarily rushing, we were still cruising within the speed limit.

What We Ordered

Hot and fresh pizza, out of the oven

Hot and fresh pizza, out of the oven

This box was waiting for its top to be flipped open. We wasted no time in that.

Lo and behold...

Mushroom and Cheese Pizza at Chefs of Napoli

All that Mushroom and Cheese

This pie represented everything good about a pizza. First of all, the earthy taste of porcini mushrooms had me swooning. Then, the subtle, sublime, tart flavors of the medley of cheeses had me swaying. Finally, the doughy and crusty was the real cherry on top. I had no complaints, except that I kept wanting more.

This is New York Pizza

With every bite, we realized we had real New York pizza so close by. This thought was so comforting. I looked back at the last time that I ate pizza that I loved so much. And Perfecto's Pizza in New York City, where I tried their vegetable pizza. I had this listed in my own New York's Foodie Guide. This was really good at $4 a slice.

Perfecto's Vegetable Pizza on the Upper West Side, New York City

Perfecto's Vegetable Pizza, New York City

This simple yet masterful execution of a mushroom pizza at Chefs of Napoli costs $13.25 for an 18" inch pizza. There are so much more to try from its take-out menu. You can find it here. And perhaps much more, in house. The dine-in menu is here, go and take a look. Consider this a developing story, because I will be sure to be back!

Chefs of Napoli
14277 Powell Rd., Spring Hill, FL 34609-8100
Contact No. (352)544-1234
Website: http://www.thechefsofnapoli.com/index.html

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Published by Michelle Africa