Consider Time a personal friend, whose company
you cherish as precious silver you forget not to polish.

Ignoring Time is letting it pass you by, when it is at your
beck and call, not 'cause it chose you above all,
but it's vocation is to be on call.

A key element to your capability,
waste it and "lost dreams" shall be your epitaph.
Work with it and you will have loads of productivity.


Grab hold of Time and every second, minute,
hour and day will be fruitful in every way.

Then one day you will be a relay for this message to inspire:
"In the many streams of life's path, I fulfilled all my dreams because
I made the most of Time, so to be honest I have no regrets to chime" 

Cherish Time.

©Deborah E.Nyamekye 23/07/2016


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Published by Deborah Esther