Honestly, no one gets to see me wear any dresses when I was younger.

I am the boyish type, I love to wear baggy loose shirts before because I find them more comfortable.

I just started wearing dresses almost everyday as my work clothing about 4 years ago.

I am not really into shopping fancy clothes with expensive price tags,

I always go for “Divisoria” prices!

If you’re from the Philippines, you’ll understand what I mean..

Divisoria Market is where you’ll find the BEST BARGAIN and WHOLESALE LOCATIONS in the Metro.

I also love browsing the net in search of pretty dresses!

Look at these beautiful, elegantly and stylishly fashionable dresses I found online:

Appealing Lace V Neck Plain Bodycon-dress Attractive Puff Sleeve Beading Pleated Bodycon-dress

Designed Round Neck Bowknot Printed Skater Dresses Elegant Round Neck Dacron Floral Printed Maxi-dress

Glamorous Sweetheart Plain Skater-dress Sexy Polka Dot With Zips Bodycon-dress

Slash Neck Dacron Floral Printed Skater-dress V Neck Chiffon Floral Printed Patchwork Maxi-dress

They are so gorgeous! I’d love to wear any of these!

They also offer dresses for my size, too! ;)

The temptation is really hard to resist!

It’s almost more affordable than Divisoria and thrift shop dresses!

You may click the images then start shopping online!

 I hope this is helpful, fellow DRESS lovers!

Please feel free to leave your comments! =)

Published by Rea Lakwatsera