Tucked under the Metra trains at 131 N. Clinton Street, you wouldn't have noticed it if you weren't a frequent commuter or worked in the West Loop. It's a couple of blocks from the Washington Brown Line stop and there's plenty of Pay-to-Park around. The grand burgundy awning beckons you to enter and suddenly you're in a Parisian market. A deep sense of nostalgia enveloped me since I haven't been to France in quite some time. Part of my family lives there and I do miss the spirit of French culture, arts and the market.

European style indoor food market ©2016 photoschmoto

Mon Dieu! It smelled heavenly in here. When you walk in from Clinton, you're greeted with a sweet confections counter called Lolli and Pops. I was already making selections in my mind from the dizzying array of tantalizing choices. To the right was Da Lobsta, offering their savory seafood sandwiches and further down is City Fresh Market. It's a popular local neighborhood store that expanded to offer european goods, fresh meat and produce right under the Metra lines. How convenient!

Lolli and Pops © 2016 photoschmoto

Chicago French Market is a small space but packed with many vendors. Vendors who sold frommage (cheese), meats & seafood, raw foods, fresh produce to hot dogs, Vietnamese food, sushi, donuts, coffee and much more. I decided to get a crepe sandwich called the "Smokehouse" which had shredded chicken, cheese, caramelized onions, and spinach. It was a big roll for $9 and quite delicious!

An Array of Vendors

  • Aloha Poke
  • Me+B.I. Tea
  • Beavers Coffee and Donuts
  • Bebe's Kosher Deli
  • Black Dog Gelato
  • Buen Apetito
  • City Fresh Market
  • DaLobsta
  • Delighful Cafe Pastries
  • EJ Sushi
  • Flip Crepes
  • Friekoten Belgian Fries & Beer
  • Fumare Meats
  • K-Kitchen
  • Klay Oven Kitchen
  • Le Cafe de Marche
  • Les Fleurs
  • Lillie's
  • Little Greek Corner
  • Lolli and Pops
  • Loops Juice
  • Loop Soup
  • Outta Da Park Beef & Dogs
  • Pastoral
  • Polpetti
  • Presto
  • Raw
  • Saigon Sisters
  • Vanille Patisserie
  • Vegan Now!

What is a French Market without desserts, bonbons, et gateaux? There were many sweets to choose from and all the more reason to go back for another visit. If you happen to find yourself in the West Loop of Chicago, make sure you stop by. This is truly Chicago's hidden gem offering eclectic vendors and Parisian-like charm in the heart of the midwest.

Vanille Patisserie ©2016 photoschmoto

The Chicago French Market is open Monday thru Friday from 7:30am - 7pm; Saturday from 8:30am-5:30pm; closed Sundays. For the full review, visit photoschmoto.me and for more pics, head on over to my Flickr.

A bientot!



Published by Anna Aaron