Japanese installation artist Chiharu Shiota is primarily known for her large-scale works of art, regularly using yarn to create huge, intricate web networks that could easily be mistaken for some kind of levitating paint. For her latest exhibition, “Uncertain Journey”, Shiota has transformed Berlin’s Blain|Southern gallery using 750,000 meters of thread from 5,000 balls of blood-red yarn and a bunch of hollowed-out boats.

“Our lives are like a journey without a destination, even though we don’t know where we are heading, we can not stop. I wanted to emphasize this feeling of traveling with nowhere to go whilst alluding to a search for a sense of belonging,” said Shiota of her latest work, which features the yarn flowing down from the ceiling above into empty vessels on the floor below.

Symbolically, the color red has been chosen as it represents not only the interior of the body and the network of neural connections in the brain, but also connections between people. According to Shiota, “The lines of yarn speak for me about everything that connects people, about changing human relationships… the installation is like one vast network, with the boats carrying us through on a journey of uncertainty and wonder.”

If you happen to be in Berlin, “Uncertain Journey” runs until November 12 and you can find it at:

Blain|Southern gallery
Potsdamer Strasse 77-87

Published by Mighty Fox