So in case anyone wants to know why I am jumping to this topic, it's because the other day while on facebook, I was talking with a "group" page that I have joined (not going to give out information to protect the people in it) but someone had decided to post a facebook "meme" with a picture of a girl no older than probably 12 eating an ice cream cone but she looked to be "overweight" & the picture asked "Do you consider this abuse" or something around that.   Now knowing myself this was the perfect topic for me, seeing as I am major in exercise science and I have this strong mindset on helping people in the fitness/health world.  Before I decided to make any comment, I read through all the other comments before me (there was around 100+ from the fellow group members & some agreed it was abuse and some had not believed it was & some thought it was "mean"/"cruel" we were passing judgement on this girl.  Now,  I had to think this through on how I was going to announce I believe it was abuse and explain myself because I wanted people to be made aware I wasn't being "mean" or "cruel" but honest.  


I finally made a comment and it went something like this "Yes, this is abuse at it's finest, but who can we blame when the parents are uneducated about health and or about life, and don't care in particular about their child being "overweight" because these same parents were treated the same way by their parents which answers why they are also obese/overweight.  It becomes an ongoing cycle and because of this reckless behavior the child is the one whom suffers the most.  Now the little girl probably don't think nothing much about her weight now, because mommy and daddy looks the same and mommy and daddy doesn't seem to care about how they look. When this little girl starts to get picked on in school about her weight, she then either turns into a bully, her self esteem trimmers, her self worth becomes obsolete and as she reaches the age of 18, she then either decides she doesn't like what she sees in the mirror anymore & gets help from a professional, eats healthier on her own & exercises, surgery depending on how bad it is and changes her lifestyle choices.  On the other hand she could also decide she doesn't care how she looks anymore because she is so used to being "overweight" that it doesn't phase her and she continues on this path of being unhealthy and some point she will fall into a depression, which then turns into her eating because of it and that causes more issues because now she can hardly move or want to leave the house, her body aches, she cries and is alone, her parents are still overweight and telling her it's "okay" but she knows better, she thinks it's too late and some point she may try to commit suicide or live a very unhappy life because she chooses to or has no one to lean on.  Now all of this has happened and we want to blame the child because she is 18, and can make her own decisions but then no one thinks about how the parents chimed in when she was younger and made her eat this unhealthy lifestyle because they did it themselves and didn't know any better nor cared to stop it before it got to be a bigger issue in their daughter's life.  


So now I have people saying they agree and liking my post.  I felt really good about it, until someone decided to post something a bit more heavy.   This lady decided to retort to me by saying she works at a homeless shelter and works for the welfare office and begs to differ with me because she knows these parents can't afford to feed their children "healthier" foods so how dare I judge and make this assumption it is the parents fault and how dare I judge this poor little girl. The lady told me I need to look up prices of healthier options versus the unhealthy options & come back and let her know if it's as easy as it sounds.  With this, I didn't respond, because the post ended up being deleted because the person did not like the fact people were arguing over this "meme" & wanted it to cease so she rid of it.  You are probably wondering what I would say back, and in my next blog I will talk about this, for now I want to stay on the topic of unhealthy eating in children causing "obesity".


I don't care how you analyze this situation or how you believe it should be solved, it's still abuse.  This is no different than a mother starving her child, the difference is the parents are allowing their child to binge eat to the point where they no longer can do day to day routines without struggling, being made fun of about their weight and then causing mental and physical abuse to this child.  Abuse is abuse, no matter what kind.. it's wrong.  The problem with society is we make light of these situations but we do nothing about them when we see them in our face everyday.  We make light of the child in our kids class who is bigger than the other students but we sure don't think about why before judging, we don't teach our children to not make fun of kids who may be bigger in size or smaller in size, we say things in light of that child to make our children believe it's okay to make jokes.  Now all of sudden we want to make people aware of child obesity is becoming a huge problem because now we see more and more cases where children commit suicide or turn into bullies or do obscene things.  Now we want to make sure every child eats healthier at school, every child participates in a gym class at least once. We want to motivate them to play sports but don't allow this same child to play on the field because he/she isn't as good at your star players. This in itself is an ongoing operation and no one seems to notice but me? This is sad.  


So we can't control people's households and we can't force a child to participate in gym, and we can't force them to eat healthy foods in school because they have a right to eat whatever their parents pack them if the parents deems necessary.  Although my 7 year old brother goes to school here in Ohio and his teacher sent out a notice to all the parents letting them know they are to pack "only healthy foods" nothing else will be accepted.  This was difficult for my mom because he is a picking eater still and only likes a select few of fruits and veggies and isn't the biggest water drinker I know.  Somehow she managed it, but there were days she would pack him teddy grams as a snack and the teacher would tell him to tell our mom it's not acceptable, my mom didn't like this and she pretty much let her know the situation and how she will be packing his lunch. Now mind you, my mom is a wonderful lady and she still packs him "healthy" foods but some things just rub her the wrong way, especially since both of my brothers are skinny as all hell, they eat but have good metabolisms so she isn't worried about his weight.  So with this being said, some things can't always be enforced when a parent doesn't want to follow through because they don't feel the need to. When my 20 year old brother and I were in school they did not force us to eat healthy or even talk about healthy eating, we always participated in sports and gym class so we never had an issue with that but not all kids are like us and some don't like it.   What can you do? Stop beating the children over the head with the health and wellness & start talking to the parents about it, make them aware of it and have them choose the destiny for their child.  Some parents will follow through and others will not, if a parent is sending their overweight child to school maybe we need to make this a sit down and talk with the mom/dad and see what is going on.. so that we can better help them instead of judging them & their circumstances. 


Who knows maybe this child eats because they are depressed, you don't know until you ask someone and find out before it's too late.  Now school healthy eating & gym will be a whole other conversation topic blog.  If child obesity isn't important to you, it should be, because it's sad and cruel to make a child who doesn't know any better than what their parents/guardians tell them to have to go through such pain for the majority of their lives.  It's not fair.  If you are a parent ( I am not one) then take responsibility for your child's health & if you don't know how, then do some research or seek some health advice.  If you cannot afford healthy means of eating, then how about you eat whatever, but portion it so that it doesn't become a binge eating fest & keep your child active.  That's the very least you can do if the situation is you can't do "anything", because now you know you can.  I believe child obesity is abuse.  I do realize some medicines can make a child gain weight and ailments as well, but think about how much weight these things will cause the child to gain and decide if it's the medicine or is this another problem/ decide if this child has a condition and if they do, figure out how to make it so they can be cured, or do whatever you can so it's not YOU putting weight on them, because we can't help what the body does but YOU can decide what your child eats, and how much & make it easier on them in the long run.  No one is perfect, but don't watch your child fall into a dark hole, help them get out of it. I don't care how much he/she weighs, health has no weight! I care about how unhealthy or healthy a human is, obesity is NOT healthy. 

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