Child of light for the Playstation 4. Before this game I played mostly on my Wii U but this game was exiting enough to fire up the PS4. What stands out about this game are the graphics and that is also what made me buy the game. It felt like a fairy tail on screen.


So I told you about the graphics. They are amazingly beautiful. Everything's is made in aquarel and you start out with the character Aurora. Her red hair sweeps elegant over the screen as you run or fly. You follow her story and she is on an adventure searching for her way home. You meet a lot of other characters and you can take them with you. You have to face many enemies and the extra characters are quite strong in battle so don't leave them but always take them with you. Some of them are hidden in the game so search every corner!

The fighting system is turned based combat. Most of the time you fight with two characters and you can switch them in battle in your turn. The fighting system works very good and let's you think about what character to use in what battle. You can also take potions for health or let a character revive the other. Most of the battles I came through in one try. I do recommend taking as many battles as you can. Since you level your way through the game and in the end you will need it.



The game can be very challenging if it comes to finding everything. If you don't care about finding treasures or pieces of story's the game will be a lot shorter. I mostly searched for hidden characters to use in battle. As the game went on I found myself exploring more and more. It is also because of the soothing music and magical experience you want to see more.


A fun game to play on a Sunday without too much frustration. Just float into the magical world and live adventures to the fullest! About 10-14 hours of gameplay. I grade the game an 8.2!


Published by Joan de Groot