America, America, my beloved.

Where have you gone?

I cannot find you in the news that play on my TV.

I cannot find you on the tweets scattered across my screen.

I cannot see you among the burning flags that fill the sky with smoke.

I cannot hear you among the cries for justice, accompanied by gunshots.

I cannot feel you among movements that invade their allies’ pride parades.

I cannot taste you among the metallic blood dripping from the bodies of my fellow Americans.

I cannot smell you among the aroma of weed and drugs that seem to occupy every single household.


America, I love you.

Please come back.

Your men used to have dignity, and your women used to have respect.

Now everyone is stripping and hooking up on the streets in the honor of “acceptance”.


What ever happened to civil political debates?

Now, the most popular comeback on the internet happens to be, “kill yourself.”

What ever happened to facts and tolerance of different opinions?


America, you’re currently a mess.

In your present election, the only prominent choices are a liar and a racist, with a sellout standing on the sidelines.*

Your liberals are screeching tolerance while ostracizing everyone who doesn’t share their beliefs.

Your conservatives are shouting “Don t tread on me,” while treading on everyone else.

Your libertarians are saying ,” We told you so,” while doing nothing to help.

And your anarchists, well. They’re just waiting for their turn to play.

Your communists are celebrating because America has taken on their manifesto.


Your Blacks have turned against your cops.

Your Mexicans are either burning your flag, or working without reprieve to be able to keep their families here.

Your Whites are screaming oppression and double-standard.

Your Asians are screaming unfairness and suing schools for not accepting their kids.

Your feminists want to kill all men and are encouraging obesity.

LGBT is saying that they’re weak, while currently holding more power than everyone else.

Foreign shooters are causing your children to turn on each other’s rights.

Your children are yelling, “Save the World!” while being in deep trouble themselves.

Your children want to ban things they don’t like while claiming that banning things doesn’t work.

Intolerance of peaceful religions are tearing you apart at the seams.


I weep, America.

For you, for me, for my future children, and for my fellow Americans.

We need to stop with all this senseless violence.

We are a melting pot of different ideas and cultures.

We are not a mosaic, which is why cultural appropriation is not relevant.

We are supposed to melt together.

America was built off of liberty and freedom for all ideas.

So liberals,conservatives, and libertarians put down your guns,knives, and sharp words.

Blacks,Asians,Whites,and Mexicans, let’s all just sit down and discuss politics over a nice meal consisted of different cultural elements.

LGBT, Anti-LGBT, Feminists, Anti-Feminists, Egalitarians, BLM, and ALM let’s learn something called true tolerance and acceptance of each other’s opinions without violence.

It’s okay to disagree.

It is not okay to insult and maim and bully.

Let’s all remember that we are Americans before we are Republicans or Democrats.

I know, I sound silly calling for national peace, but let’s be honest.

Is calling for your opponents to be killed really the best way to gain your rights and respect?

Americans, I plead for you to stop burning the flag.

I plead for all of us to take a chill pill so we can discuss our future without aggression.

Let’s stop chanting slogans,

and just Stand with America, work for a better future, and make it great again.




*Note: I’m aware that some of the lines in this are extremely stereotypical.I am trying to use them to highlight the extremeness of the current situations going on in America. I sincerely apologize if I offend anyone in any way. Obviously, not everyone is like that. There are however, some extremists to every movement.It is not my intention to offend anyone.I’m trying to call attention to the fact that we are the United States not the divided states. There is just so much useless violence and outcries going on, I think that we just need to tone it down before America splits apart.I, myself, am willing to throw away all political affiliation if we could all just have a decent conversation. Anyways, thank you for reading this and I hope you have an amazing day!

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Published by Yen Hoang