Chef Maximus is going to show you how to make Chocolate Rice Krispies Cakes – in pictures.




Break the chocolate into cubes. According to Max, it’s “One for the bowl, one for me”.



Once done…



… it is so important to protect the bowl and its contents.




Place bowl over a pan with water, ensuring no water can get into the bowl. Supervise very closely, an eager toddler, (who does not understand that mummy does not want him to stir the pot, as it gets extremely hot) until chocolate has melted.



Next, add some Rice Krispies to the chocolate.




Fold/stir in.



Baking cases are needed.



Fill them up to your liking – if there is any mixture left. (Look around Max’s mouth!).



They should look something like this.



Leave plain, or decorate as you wish!



Max chose little animal faces. There were lions, monkeys, giraffes and elephants.



Followed by white chocolate stars.



Chef Maximus holding a tray of his fabulous cakes, with evidence around his mouth, that all did not make it!


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Published by Persia Karema