Rugs can improve the aspect of any room, but every room requires a different kind of rug. Starting from this simple rule, today we will go ahead and show you which rugs work best for the dining room and what are the factors that you should take into account when you buy a new one.

Choose the right shape

A rug must go perfectly with the rest of the room so you will have to make sure that everything matches. A round rug can be an original decision, but you can choose that only if you also have a round dining table, because otherwise it will look out of place.

You can also mix the shapes, and use a square rug for a round table, or an oval rug for an oval table. While the shapes can differ, it is very important that you maintain the proportions.

Don’t be afraid to choose a complex model

When it comes to buying rugs, most people decide to get a neutral one that will match anything and go unnoticed. However, that shouldn’t be always the case. A rug can be the central piece of a room and you can use it a source of inspiration for other elements in the room

You can choose Designer Rugs that will look as an work of art for your floor. Don’t be afraid to use the color of the rug for other accents in the room such as curtains or candles. Doing this will add a sort of

unitary wholeness to your room.

Larger is better

Dining rooms are more special than other rooms because they involve more movement. There is a big table in the center and guests will push their chairs back from it, which is something that you need to take into account. This means that the rug should not have the size of the dining table, but it must be a larger than that.

You can calculate the size by adding 60 cm on all sides of the dining room table, or you can calculate the floor and make sure that there are 30 cm (or more) of bare floor between the wall and the end of the rug. These measurements are recommended by most décor experts.

Remember that this is a dining room

Since we are talking about rugs for a dining room it is important to remember that there will be a lot of food and drinks in this room. Therefore, you must also think about the practical aspects. The best colors in this situation are darker ones, since it is harder to see stains on them so you won’t have to clean them very often.

The same thing goes for when you choose the texture of your rug. A thick fluffy rug is definitely cute, especially for your bedroom where you can walk barefoot, but it is not the brightest option for dining rooms. There will be spills, and it is easier to clean flat rugs.

Published by sandeep Malik