A number of people have made the transition from cigarettes to vaping or e-cigarettes. These are more diverse and far less harmful and can help wean you off the nicotine habit. That said, if you are just starting out, the variety could be really confusing. You have a lot of choices when it comes to devices, accessories, e-liquid, and so on. It is worth knowing that all vaping devices have five main components: a vape tank, a wired vape coil, a battery, e-juice or e-liquid, and some vape mods that connect the internal circuitry to the batteries and so on. You have your pen-style devices, temperature control mods, VV/WW devices, mechanical vape machines, disposable/refillable Cig-A-Likes, and many more options to choose from. But once you’ve picked a device, you should look into the e-liquid that you will be using, because it is a huge part of your experience.

What’s the Deal With e-liquids?

They call the battery the heart and the atomizer the brain of an e-cigarette, but the soul is where the e-liquid comes in. It is what you inhale eventually, and it is the difference between a piece of useless technology and a working vape device. There are way too many options out there, each attractive in its own right. You must make an informed decision here.

Flavor Considerations

Unlike conventional cigarettes, e-liquids are available in a wide variety of flavors. You can go for conventional tobacco, chocolate, fruity, cocktail, and so many others. It’s mind-boggling, but you should sample a few before making a decision. If you are switching over from cigarettes, you can start off with tobacco so that the flavor profile is familiar, and then you can broaden your horizons and go on experimenting with new and unique blends. Food-style blends are available, like cake, wafer, and pizza, but a lot of people prefer fruity ones like mango, grape, watermelon, and pineapple. Fancy mixed blends are a good call too, where you can bring together the best of a number of flavors you enjoy. Cocktail flavors that taste of wine, brandy, beer, and other alcoholic drinks are available too and are certainly exotic. Experimentation is encouraged for a newbie, but you might not enjoy it as much if you are looking for a cigarette replacement.

Nicotine Strength Is All that Matters

Once a flavor has been identified, the next step would be to determine the nicotine strength of your preference. Remember nicotine strengths are available in diverse strengths right from low to medium and high.  

  • Low Nicotine Strength is 6mg or even lower just right for light smokers who smoke less than half a pack daily.
  • Medium Nicotine Strength from 9 mg to about 16 mg just right for average smokers who are used to consuming half a pack up to one full pack every day.
  • High Nicotine would mean 18 mg to about 36 mg and is best for heavy or chain smokers.

Getting the perfect nicotine strength seems to be critical as too little would be compelling you to vape for compensating and too much could result in a headache. A good rule would be starting with somewhat medium strength and adjust accordingly.

What Are PG and VG?

The chief base solution present in e-liquid would be either PG (Propylene Glycol) or VG (Vegetable Glycerol) or an effective combination of both. We must understand that PG would be providing relatively more flavor, however, would be producing weak vapor. In this context, you must know that VG is supposed to be more viscid or sticky and would have a bit of a sweet taste. It is less flavorsome but generates huge clouds of vapor. Since there are quite a lot of differences between the vape quality of these two types, producers manufacture e-liquid which are known to come in an all-VG base, all-PG base, or a combination of these two in really variable ratios. A PG to VG ratio that is common is 40:60. Numerous users are quite happy with this magical blend that produces satisfactory flavor and adequate amount of vapor. We have come across instances of people who seem to be sensitive and allergic to PG or Propylene Glycol. In the event, you realize that you are itching a lot, having respiratory issues, or getting hives after a vaping session on a concentrated and pure PG or VG and PG mix, you may require acquiring pure VG blends or minimum, e-liquid having a mix ratio of precisely 20 percent PG and 80 percent VG.

The Test Is the Way to Go

Thanks to the plethora of e-liquid mixing choices while choosing the right e-liquid mixing choices, it could prove to be pretty challenging for any vaper whether experienced or new. You may consider testing the flavors first and then take a buying decision. The significance of testing is really great as it helps in giving a first-hand experience about what all are available. Remember that all e-liquids are not the same and there are bound to be certain variations in nicotine strength and flavor across different brands. It is best to invest in a vape starter pack.

A particular brand’s mango flavor could taste different as compared to the mango flavor of another brand. You may think that a certain brand’s 12mg strength is just right for you while some other brand’s same nicotine level could prove to be too weak or too strong for your taste. While buying from a physical store, most provide testers for their customers to try. It is not possible to do the testing in case of online vape stores. However, you could buy special tester packs. These tester packs generally are a set of diverse flavors in relatively smaller bottles that are sold in 20, 10, or 5 flavors per pack. You could opt for varying nicotine strength levels.


It would be involving a reasonable amount of time before you are able to identify the right VG/PG ratio and nicotine strength that works perfectly for you. Remember not to settle for whatever is available at that point in time. Trying out the new e-liquids could be really fun and so do not hesitate to examine other well-known brands. You simply need to focus on buying top quality liquid from well-known and trustworthy manufacturers. Avoid purchasing cheap stuff. Remember to go on experimenting so that you could identify the best e-liquid for yourself.

Published by Karen Anthony