It is not that long ago that the words Christmas jumper would have filled a person with dread. The lovingly hand knitted and often very garish seasonal offering from your grandmother or another elderly female relative, that could be found under the Christmas tree and was required attire for all seasonal family gatherings!

Seen as a gag gift during the late 1990’s and early 2000’s the Christmas jumper has seen a staggering revival in recent years. No longer is it the garment to be ashamed of wearing but rather quite the opposite with people holding Christmas jumper themed parties and schools and offices having “Wear your Christmas Jumper” days. In fact, they are seen by many as the seasonal must have with people buying a new one every year.

So just how do you go about picking the right Christmas jumper when there are so many to choose from on the high street?

Jumper Style

Before you even think about buying your jumper you might give some consideration to what sort of style would suit you better. Do you prefer a baggy, slouch style jumper that you can wear with leggings or trousers or do you prefer something more fitted that you can team up with a skirt for the Christmas party season? And don’t forget if you want the whole family to coordinate with each other then you may need to shop around to find the best selection of jumpers to suit each family member.

Christmas on a Jumper

If you want a jumper that absolutely screams Christmas then you won’t be disappointed, almost every shop on the high street will have at least one novelty jumper in their Christmas range. From Santa to Christmas trees to Rudolph or even one of Santa’s elves you are sure to find something to get you in the festive mood. The big decision will really be do you want one with bells on, pompoms, lights or even one of those funny little patches that makes a sound when you press it, imagine a Santa jumper that actually says HO HO HO!

Aside from the bright reds and greens of the true novelty jumper there are also plenty of Christmas jumpers that are a little less gaudy, ones with simple slogans on for example. Overall these types of jumper tend to be made of more acrylic fibres and are accordingly rather inexpensive to purchase; which is why many people buy a new one each year!

Winter Themed Jumpers

Perhaps your idea of a Christmas jumper is simply something that is more winter themed and less Santa with bells on. There are no rules as to what constitutes a Christmas jumper and if this is what you would feel more comfortable with then it is fine. The advantage of a jumper that is winter themed rather than Christmas is that of course you can wear it for more than just the Christmas period and therefore spending a little more money and perhaps buying something that has a more natural fibre is cost effective.

Traditional Jumpers

Of course, there is one more type of jumper that people might like to consider buying at Christmas and that an altogether more traditional style of jumper. There are some truly stunning Aran jumpers on the market like those at the Irish Sweater Mill.

Made of natural fibres such as cotton, linen and pure wool and showcasing traditional cable or Fair Isle patterns and in some beautiful elegant shades! The advantage of a more traditional jumper is that you could wear it at any time in the year, and it will never really go out of fashion; there is a reason they are a classic item in so many peoples wardrobes

Published by Maria Simpson