I choose today to be happy.  Being the oldest child of three sisters has had it moments of pure torture and very few moments of pure love.  Yes, we are from a very dysfunctional family, and both parents are now deceased; and I am sure they are looking down from above going “Oh no, why is she talking like that?”  And that is pretty much my sisters’ take on this as well…there was nothing wrong!   And they do not want to talk about any situations in our lives, and there have been plenty.  And we all have played a part in all of them, some of which I do not even know what they are.  And maybe I am delusional, or maybe I am choosing to be happy ever since high school.  

Now, that is the past.

Here is the “now”.  I want this familial dysfunction to stop, at least on the surface.  Each moment is too precious.  Choices made in the past are past choices.  We all have the power to choose again and again.  Thank God!  We all have a need for social support that is real.  It is wired into our biology.  A good “now” leads to a  good future and that leads to less anxiety in all parts of our lives.  Each good connection bolsters our cardio and immune systems, and it extends our lives.  That is important because my life plan has me living beyond 104+; that means forever whether in this life or a future life!  Connections are a way to stay afloat.  And that should start with biological family.

This message will never reach the siblings and their families because as I know it, they do not even recognize my existence at this point in time, and I doubt that they would ever admit that they read my blogs even if they did…”Now” is now, and it is not too late

Published by Janice Marie