Most of my friends advised me to get part time maid to help to do chores at home, so we can take a break during weekend and have a good rest. However, after deep discussion and deep thought, sis & I decided we are going to do the chores at home. When you keep thinking about it, you might be frightened as too much work to do. However, once you change your angle of thinking, you are going to enjoy your chores.

We can practice meditation even when we are doing chores. I love to clean and mop the floor. I enjoy the clean floor after mopping, most important; I purified my mind while cleaning. To me, it's a good way that we can throw out the rubbish from our mind while we are cleaning. After cleaning, I felt both body and mind also being "Cleaned". How wonderful!

Furthermore, I can exercise and whatever money I can save from paying a maid, I can donate out to bring happiness to others. Besides, It's so blessed that our body still can move and do something.

Imagine, if you can contribute your time as a volunteer and you don't have time to clean and tidy your living area, there is not a good balancing of life. How important to tidy up your living area, you feel good and comfortable. Moreover, your action will definitely bring happiness to your family members.

Do spend time to clean up your living environment and not forgetting your work place too. Make it tidy, clean and neat. It's not just bring happiness and peacefulness to yourself but to your surrounding too.

Published by Hoh Li Jiun