Christmas day and I'm still blogging, great fun. 
I've talked before about that tv show called casual and there's this moment where the mum realises everything in her life is going to be ok when she's getting some ham and pea soup and I dunno I thought it was funny last night after I got home from watching rogue one at like 11:30 brought out the flashcards and smashed a few out. I did a smile, thinking about how ludicrous this was, smashed a few pullups out then went to bed. 
I've been reading the alchemist lately, well I read it a week or so ago and yeah it talks about how you need to follow your personal journey and the whole thing is a kind of fable - just one where they tell you the lesson they want to teach you, so the most useful type of fable. He says a lot about your personal journey and I think I'm just now discovering mine - at least my 16 year old personal journey. 
I've been trying to get this spinner project ready for ages. I heard about it ages ago and knew I just wanted to make it. For years I'd wanted to think of some route to a steady side income and never really had any good ideas, the more I thought about it this was just another way for that idea to come to fruition. I finally found something that satisfied my goals. 
At first everything seemed to conspire to help me, a niche that was yet to be exploited, the confidence to do it because I'd had so much success from just taking chances before and so on. I found apps and avenues of working on it easily and the hours melted away as I worked on it.
 Then it got harder others made it faster and had more exposure and producers were iffy. 
I'm still on the journey of it but I'm way closer than I thought it would be. 
I'm at a good place right now. I'm killing my schoolwork, I haven't been fired from my job and I'm starting out a side business and not just talking about it. 
I've got fantastic momentum, habits and self belief right now and if it continues I'm in for a heck of a year in 2017.
In an application to some summer course I wrote "I think one of the more important things is my sense of confidence" they says there's a few types of confidence, like situational where you're comfortable doing what you're good at and shy at everything else but I think I've reached like a general confidence where I've had enough experience just pushing myself and doing things that I wouldn't normally do and getting good experience from that so yeah I have that which honestly may be more invaluable than anything else. 
I'll blog again on here on the first so that may actually more interesting when I talk about my plans for the year and an introspection of the last one

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