Christmas Chic

Don't get me wrong, I do love Christmas, it is actually my favourite time of the year, however I can get over it very fast.  

Christmas can go either way with clothing, either super fine or super ugly.  Never does it seem super cool or on trend.  So, I'm working on ways to change that myth without looking like a Kmart catalogue.

A red dress is always a must at a Christmas function, particularly if you want to stand out.   With that, all you need is light accessories or none at all.  Don't add any more Christmas accessories to red or you will end up looking garish. (Like the Kmart catalogue)

If you can find a cheeky Christmas t-shirt, that will work wonders with a blazer, boots and jeans.  That is one way of make a street smart Christmas statement.

Where I live, Christmas is in Summer, so that is a whole new ball game when dressing for Christmas, it's also the start of Summer holidays.  It really is our biggest and silliest time of year in Australia.   I both look forward to Christmas and dread it at the same time.   I work in a school so the kids get crazy and everyone is tired by the time Summer Holidays roll around.

Even now, if I see anymore Christmas bobble headbands I'm going to loose the plot!

Christmas in Summer will be my next blog.



Published by Susan Crowe