Christmas in Summer

Well in my last blog I mentioned that I would blog about Christmas in Summer.  Over here, there is so much junk mail.  So you look through Kmart and Target catalogues as well as Harris Scarfe and then you see the Coles and Woolies catalogues and end up almost dizzy with feelings impending doom.

Even though Nigella Bites has made cooking stylish, I have absolutely no desire to imitate her on Christmas day, I'd even go so far as to tell her where to shove the turkey and the red and green tablecloths.  After a night of wrapping presents, and watching cheesy Christmas shows as well as listening to crappy Christmas music, the last thing I want to do is cook up a storm.........well when I'm not a great cook anyway lol!!

We seem to eat a lot of salads and cold meat as well as seafood Christmas day in Australia.  It usually climbs up above 30 Celsius around that time of year, so you don't want too much hot food, as that combined with alcohol is bad news.

As for Christmas clothing, there are no ugly jumpers, though there are many ugly t-shirts........just look at a Kmart catalogue!!  Going out for a pre Christmas party is basically a summer dress or play suit......we tend to have a lot of Christmas BBQs.

Christmas day for me usually kicks off with having my neighbours over for a boozy brekky in the morning, it's heaps of fun as they are my best friends.  But I'm set up for the day all wrong and in trouble at the in laws for being late on account of having too much fun lol!!

I know at my in laws, they tend to make a huge fuss over Christmas, Father in law dresses up as Santa even though the youngest grandchild is 12.   We have a roast (I don't eat much as I know so much rich food makes me ill) and opening of the presents at 3pm sharp.  Mother and sisters in law clomp around the kitchen in heels preparing gravy and vegetables and drinking heaps.  The "men" take care of the roast whilst also drinking heaps.   While my 2 boys (now 17 and 20) tend to try to stay away from my teenage nieces.......all six of them also clomping round in heels.........Can you tell I dread Christmas day like most people?!

The day ends with me having my family over for dinner for cold meat and salad.  I'm usually very tired by then so it's usually very quiet on my account.   As my Mother passed away recently, it's going to be quite sad.  Hopefully this year my neighbours will join my family for dinner rather than breakfast so it will be a bit more cheerful.

I usually dress myself up Christmas day to try to get into the spirit of it all.

These are some sets I've put together which may inspire you if you have Christmas in the Summer like me.

Merry Christmas 🎄

Published by Susan Crowe